About | Hapfind


What is Hapfind?
Hapfind is a new marketing service that allows you to efficiently present your organization's planned activities for potential attendees through the web or mobile device. Activities by small and large organizers spanning from concerts, festivals and performances to local events, games, outdoor activities and nightlife gets presented to the user in an intuitive way using maps and lists.

Who uses Hapfind?
Hapfind caters to all companies or organizations who wishes to reach out with information about its activities through modern channels - sports, music associations, churches, outdoor organizations and municipalities to name a few examples. No membership is required to get started. No start-up fees. You decide your budget and expenses are based exclusively on the activities that you choose to publish and for how long they will be published.

Hapfind's users can browse using their mobile phone or through the web, searching for things to do in their vicinity or in any other place. The search is conducted by users specifying category, time and location of the activities that may be of interest and is presented with the matching events.

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