Privacy | Hapfind


When you create or alter your Hapfind account, you provide us with certain information; for example your name, username, password and email address. None of this information is shared publicly and is securely stored.

Just like most other websites Hapfind uses cookies to make the site more user friendly in terms of usability. For users who solely uses the service for finding events and happenings the only cookies which are stored are used to see how the site is being used and to recognize parts of the website which needs to be improved. Additional cookies are stored for users who has a user account and is using the service to advertise. The cookies contain data which allows you to navigate between parts of the website without being required to log in every time you move from one place to another.

Data logging
When you use the Hapfind service we get access to certain information about your browser and activity. For example information about which browser, operating system, referral website and Internet service provider is available. Some data is also collected, for example navigation patterns and session time for various pages. The data we collect cannot be used to identify you as a person. This information can be used to improve the system through optimization and reconstruction depending on the data recieved. The data can be used but it's not something we are guaranteed to do. 

In the process of purchasing Hapfind credits as an advertiser you may be asked to fill in for example credit card credentials. None of this information is handled directly by us, but rather by one of our cooperating partners (i.e. PayPal) for making the process of payment as easy as possible. Each of the partners has their own privacy terms.